Soul Chef Powered Up Event at ITME’s New Location with Delicious Cuisine

ITME Center recently launched its new venue at Nariman Point, Mumbai. To celebrate its triumphs, a professional event was hosted at which Soul Chef, one of the popular corporate caterers, was responsible for enriching the attendees' experience with delicious cuisine.

Being one of the renowned corporate event caterers, we promised to power up the event with delicious cuisine that will touch everyone's soul. Understanding the professional setting and the event's purpose, our culinary experts curated a delectable menu that satisfied the attendee's taste buds.

Through this blog, you can take a short tour of Soul Chef's culinary expertise showcased at ITME Center's event. You never know if you need one such deliciously curated menu for your next corporate event! Let's go.

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Setting Up the Culinary Extravaganza for the ITME Event

From welcome drinks to desserts and presentations, our experts set up everything perfectly, adding more to the aesthetics of the ITME event. We designed a gourmet menu according to the preferences and offered our remarkable corporate catering service. The menu included authentic veg, non-veg, and Jain dishes that were spread across the counters. Along with food counters, a special bar was set up to quench the thirst of attendees with a variety of drinks.

Our professionals circulated a variety of starters to the guests to satisfy their little hunger while enjoying the event. Whereas the buffet of main course mesmerized the guests with the spectrum of dishes that not only pleased the eyes but also offered authentic flavours.

Symphony of Flavours Served At The Newly Launched ITME Center, Nariman Point

Offering remarkable corporate catering service, Soul Chef's culinary experts curated a delicious menu that kept everyone wondering. Here we go.

  1. Refreshing Start With Welcome Drinks -
    • Orange Passionate Juice - A glass filled with burst of sunshine on a summer day is nothing but an orange passionate juice. It is a refreshing mixture of orange juice, lime juice, and passion fruit syrup that is served in a pre-chilled glass. The explosion of sweet and tangy flavours awakened everyone's senses.
    • Apple Cinnamon Crusta Juice - As the name sounds fancy, this drink is sophisticated in a glass. It is a perfect blend of apple juice with cinnamon syrup and lime juice and later garnished with burnt cinnamon. The drink set everyone's mood for a delightful meal.
  2. Go-Getter Bite-Sized Delights -
    • Edamame Mousse On Mini Puff Disk - Every bite of this airy puff pastry shell that holds the edamame mousse is a delightful surprise. It is a perfect contrast that is a light and fun way that kick-started the culinary journey of attendees.
    • Butter Lime Gnocchi - Pillowy gnocchi bathed in rich butter sauce with a hint of citrusy lime truly melts in the mouth. With every bite, everyone experienced the warmth of enriched flavours.
    • Feta Cheese And Leek Cigar With Sweet Chili Sauce - The creaminess of feta cheese and the earthy leek wrapped in a crispy phyllo pastry shell are enjoyed with sweet chilli sauces. Its crunch and softness-filled exotic bite exploded flavours that are both savoury and sweet.
    • Chicken Dim Sum With Chili Oil And Sweet Soy On Soup Spoon - Dim sum is the little parcel of joy that pleases everyone. The succulent chicken filling in thin dumpling skin with added chili oil and soy is mouth-watering combination. You can pop them in your mouth in a go and experience the burst of flavours.
    • Coconut Prawns With Mango Salsa - This starter straight from tropical paradise in which prawns are bathed in coconut sauce that carries the taste of islands. Accompanied with the sweet and tangy mango salsa, the dish served as a treat for the guests taste buds.
Magical Main Course On Buffet
  • Stuffed Ravioli In Parmesan Cream Sauce - The pillowy ravioli filled with a delectable combination of cheese and herbs rests on the luxurious parmesan cream sauce. This cheesy and creamy combination not only satisfied the hunger but also the soul.
  • Grilled Cottage Cheese Stakes With Pimento Cream Sauce - Packed with flavourful punch, these grilled cottage cheese stakes are hearty and satisfying. The accompanying pimento cream sauce adds a touch of smokiness and sweetness that creates a unique blend of flavours.
  • Pepper Crusted Chicken With Red Wine Reduction Sauce - Tender and succulent chicken seasoned with pepper crust which is cooked in red wine reduction sauce. This sophisticated dish satisfied the guests cravings, offering them a restaurant-like taste.
  • Grilled Fish Fillet With Lemon, Caper And Coriander Cream Sauce - Specially prepared for seafood lovers, the grilled fish fillet is cooked perfectly to retain its delicate flavours. The lemon, caper and coriander cream sauce adds a flavoursome touch to the dish. Every bite made the attendees feel happy and satisfied.
  • Veg Thai Green Curry - The delicious vegetarian delight is a combination of different vegetables that create a symphony of flavours. Veg Thai green curry, with its creamy texture, offered warmth to everyone.
Fresh Salads
  • Beetroot, Edamame And Pomegranate With Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing - The vibrant colours of the salad appeal to the eyes. The combination of beetroot, pomegranate, and edamame with the balsamic vinaigrette dressing ties everything together perfectly. It was a refreshing interlude between the richer courses.
  • Egyptian Salad With Dukkha - The salad is a mix of fresh greens and chopped vegetables that are tossed in a light dressing and sprinkled with dukka, which is a ground nut and spice mixture that took everyone on a culinary journey to North Africa. Every bite of the salad offered a unique combination of textures and flavours that left everyone craving for more.
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Mouthwatering Dessert
  • Bulche De Noel - The dessert is a light and fluffy chocolate roll filled with delightful whipped cream. The marvellous combination of chocolate and cream made the guests happier.
  • New York Style Baked Cheesecake Squares - Creamy, rich cheesecake filling sits on a buttery graham cracker crust that creates a flavour and texture combination that's simply divine. Each bite is a decadent indulgence that leaves everyone feeling satisfied and ready to end the meal on a sweet note.

So, wasn't this a great journey to explore gourmet cuisine by Soul Chef? Whether you are hosting a corporate event, yacht party, sundowner, or wedding, Soul Chef has got you covered for your event catering requirements. Providing corporate catering services in Mumbai, we have catered to different small and grand events with our culinary delights. Our culinary experts, with their skills and expertise, curate a menu of authentic mouthwatering dishes that make everyone's taste buds happy. While delivering our catering services, we ensure that we adhere to our ethics and provide you with valuable services.

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