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Relax on the sunbeds, groove to the music and indulge in the impeccable cuisine made just for you!

If you are someone who enjoys partying with your friends and family but dislikes having to spend the day under the hot sun, the concept of the sundowner party is just perfect for you. Brunch parties in the open may be fun at the beginning but may have you wanting to move indoors as the sun goes up. Organised at the time when the sun is in its calm and golden glory, sundowner events are perfect for you if you too have a soft corner for sunsets like us. There is nothing like organising a pre-wedding function or a party with family and friends witnessing the sky change its colours and the breathtaking sunset while grooving to the music and enjoying the finger-licking food.

How will Soul Chef organise the perfect sundowner party for you?

A large part of planning a party revolves around the food you serve to your guests. While organising a grand sundowner event, you’d have too many responsibilities on your shoulders like creating the guest list, inviting the guests, food, entertainment, venue and decor. Having team Soul Chef by your side will take care of all the responsibilities of serving the delectable food, astonishing venue, and never-seen-before decor. Leave the planning and preparing for the food to the professionals!

We do not hesitate to go out of our way to plan the perfect party for you. The experts at Soul Chef take the time to understand your guest profile and your dietary requirements to curate just the ideal meals that are sure to be loved by your guests. There shall be a perfect balance of new, innovative, and exciting dishes to try out and the classic comfort food that your guests are sure to turn to. Soul Chef is now one of the leading and most loved sundowner party caterers in Mumbai because of our unparalleled service and hospitality. We leave no stone unturned in organising an outstanding party for you.

The food that Soul Chef serves in sundowner parties not only tastes but also looks great. Your guests will be compelled to try out all the dishes on the menu owing to the exceptional plating skills of our chefs. The hospitality of our staff and the richness of the food speak for themselves, making us one of the best sundowner party caterers in the town. Impress your guests by throwing a party like never before. The team at Soul Chef will be on their toes to assist you in everything from planning the perfect menu and decorating the venue to serving it with utmost hospitality.

What makes Soul Chef the best choice for catering services?

Soak up the setting sun as you frolic in the pool, shake your feet to the beats while sipping on to the perfect cocktail. Sundowner events are a way to enjoy the party till your feet give up on a Sunday and still make it to work on Monday as fresh as a daisy. A party as impressive as that needs just the perfect catering partners. Having a team of expert sundowner party caterers like Soul Chef by your side take more than half the load of throwing a perfect party. More than just a catering company, Soul Chef is your go-to solution for any event organisation requirement. We will be by your side for everything from ensuring an astonishing venue, out of the box decor ideas, and delectable food every time. The team at Soul Chef will work closely with you to help you organise just the perfect sundowner event. All you have to worry about is taking care of your guests; team Soul Chef will take care of everything else.

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Having a sundowner party but can’t figure out what to serve your guests? Look no further. The most loved sundowner party caterers in town- Soul Chef is now offering cuisines from all around the world made just for you and your guests! We are waiting to hear from you. Connect with us to know more about how Soul Chef can make your party a success.

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Our experienced chefs are capable of giving you fine dining experience. Whether you're planning for pre-wedding function, or party with friends, colleagues, we're ready to lend a helping hand to you. We'll work closely with you to create the perfect sundowner events with an astonishing venue, decor, and delectable food cuisine for you and your guests. Our stylish and delightful food catering services will impress your guests.

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We use fresh ingredients and curated menus for varied functions. Our highly experienced chefs will design menus, which will give a memorable experience to you and you guests. You can bank on us to get amazing food and catering services. We have packages to cover events of different sizes and fit in your pockets. Let us take care of your food while you take care of your guests and enjoy a truly great time!

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FAQs: Answers to your catering questions

As experienced sundowner party caterers, we strive to serve you the fine dining experience. From finalizing an excellent venue for the sundowner party to decorating and curating a specialized menu for the eve, we at Soul Chef work closely with you to help you host the perfect sundowner party with delightful and pleasing food catering services that enhance your overall sundowner party experience.

Sundowner party is a social event hosted around sunset, after 5 pm. A sundowner party is a gathering where friends and relatives come together, have drinks, groove to the beats of music, and admire the beauty of the sunset. A sundowner party can be followed by dinner and a delightful, close, intimate event for friends and family.

As one of the best sundowner party caterers, our specially curated menu includes a range of delicious dishes from authentic Indian and pan-Asian to continental cuisines. From various veg, non-veg, and vegan dishes, our finely curated menu options include an exquisite selection of delectable lunch, dinner, cocktails, mocktails, and desserts ideal for your sundowner party.

Soul Chef, one of the most experienced catering services providers, is undoubtedly the best sundowner party caterer. With professional chefs onboard, we at Soul Chef serve a delightful dining experience. Whether a pre-wedding celebration, party, or social gathering with friends, colleagues, or relatives, we serve as the most trusted and reliable sundowner party caterers with a specialized menu, décor, and venue.

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