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Boat/Yacht parties have their elegance and more than that it is a depiction of the host’s personality and style. Ensure a one-of-a-kind culinary experience for your boat parties in Mumbai with one of the best and most preferred choices of caterers in all of Mumbai. Soul Chef is proud to present its finest catering services in and around Mumbai for your private yacht parties. You can create your menu or let the team at Soul Chef come up with a custom menu according to your aesthetic, need and style. These specially curated menus are sure to delight your guests with an exquisite selection of lunch, dinner, cocktails, and desserts fit for every occasion.

Bring Pure Luxury and Comfort to your Yacht Parties with Soul Chef

The aesthetics of the venue along with the food and beverages served are some of the most important aspects of a private yacht party. How pleasant and memorable the party is for the guests depends majorly on the taste and quality of the food that is served. With Soul Chef, you can curate your own menu and be rest assured of premium taste. Soul Chef is a preferred choice among yacht party caterers in Mumbai because of the superior customer service, exceptional presentation, efficiency, variety, quality of food and the overall gourmet experience provided by us.

Making Every Event Count!

An event cannot be memorable if the food is not up to par. With the help of our passionate chefs, artisan caterers and a team of dedicated staff members, Soul Chef can be your one-stop solution for yacht food catering. Let us help you plan your next yacht party and be sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Good Food Is Always Welcome!

As one of the leading catering companies in Mumbai, we have a deep understanding of the importance of food at parties and ensure to bring nothing but our best to you. What sets us apart from others is the freedom we provide the clients in curating and customising their own food menus based on their taste, budget and overall preferences. We provide our clients with a huge spread of cuisines – right from Indian, Asian to Continental. Enjoy a delicious 3-course meal, an aesthetic venue with a spectacular view with Soul Chef.

Private yacht parties and gourmet meals are wonderful additions to a yachting experience and are inclusive of all kinds of meals. Soul Chef also offers a range of preset fully customizable menus for parties of all sizes and ensures to cater to any special food requirements.

Exotic Ingredients, Expert Care, Quality Service

Our expert chefs have a diverse range of styles and are adept at seeking out exotic ingredients to ensure an inexplicable culinary experience for our clients. We are fully equipped to welcome a challenge to catering in a confined space like a yacht’s galley provides. Our chef’s knowledge and experience ensure that our clients have a pleasant journey for the length of your yacht party. We plan and develop an exquisite menu that will complement your desires. The team at Soul Chef offers a wide range of mouthwatering cuisines made by professional chefs and served by a group of highly trained staff.

Get the best culinary experience for your next special occasion with a wide range of Indian and Continental cuisines prepared with utmost attention to detail by the most experienced and renowned chefs in the city. We strive to provide you with an all-around catering solution so you can sit back and have fun at the party. Our all-inclusive catering services are sure to make your event memorable and stress-free. The team at Soul Chef will ensure to take care of every detail so you can enjoy your special moments with your guests. Get in touch with us today to throw a party like never before.

We will plan your event

Our Yacht food catering services will enhance your yachting experience. We have handled high end clients from corporate to party animals who love to dine and wine on elegant venues. We provide delicious cuisine and exotic cocktails for a variety of party sizes, time at sea with special food requirements. Our full-service coordination partners will make your event a memorable and stress-free experience. They'll note down every detail and implement it, while you enjoy special moments with your guests.

Explore Menus

We create menus around the seasons. Our caterers in Mumbai will help you to design custom-menu, getting inspired by the natural colours and yummy flavours. Our private chefs have a diverse range of yummy cuisine and seek out regional ingredients to add taste and spice to the cuisine. They can customize menus if there is a sudden change in climate, venue, or occasion. If you're ready to throw a party for your guests like never before, get in touch.

Contact our Yacht party caterers & we'll design an exquisite menu for you.

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FAQs: Answers to your catering questions

You can reserve the Yacht for as long as you need. From one-day yacht party with delicious 3-course-meal to days you wish to spend partying with a spectacular view and gourmet meals for a mesmerizing yacht experience, we serve tailored yacht party catering services per the requirement.

Our yacht party catering services include everything that enhances your overall yachting experience. From curating and customizing aesthetic menus based on taste, budget, and general preferences, we at Soul Chef also help with venue selection, music arrangement, and spectacular décor, which contributes to a beautiful yacht party experience.

Yes, at yacht party catering, we curate aesthetic menus with alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, given your preference. With a range of mocktails and cocktails for the yacht party, we serve inexplicable drinks that enhance your overall yachting experience beautifully.

Our yacht party catering services cover a variety of dishes from authentic Indian and pan-Asian to continental. With a range of options available, our specially curated menus include an exquisite selection of delightful lunches, dinners, desserts, and cocktails ideal for all occasions.

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