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An Onsite Kitchen That Serves a Menu Curated Especially for You!

A successful outdoor event is the one that is a perfect amalgamation of an opulent venue, succulent food and unparalleled hospitality. An event comprising of all three often leaves a lasting impression in the minds of the guests. If you are organising an outdoor engagement party, bachelor party, corporate event or extravagant award ceremony in Mumbai, the outdoor catering services by Soul Chef is a gem of an option for you.

Our unprecedented catering services coupled with delectable food and a professional approach are sure to entice your guests. Having catered to countless indoor and outdoor events, Soul Chef provides more than just food catering services. We have partnered with some of the finest event coordinators to provide you with a 360-degree event management solution under one name- Soul Chef. Experience exceptional matches for everything from dozens of venue options, skilled photographers, stage set up and lighting, music and sound effects to floral decor. A jubilant experience with the best gourmet food for your next outdoor event is now just a few taps away.

Why Choose Soul Chef as Your Outdoor Catering Partner?

Soul Chef has onboarded some of the best chefs in Mumbai and is fully equipped to give you a culinary experience like never before. If you are organising an award function where your guest profile will have the name of top stars and famous celebrities, you will want to leave no stone unturned in providing them with the most esculent catering service. Soul Chef is the best outdoor caterer that offers cuisines from all over the world. From authentic Indian dishes to Asian as well as Continental food items, you can ensure a menu that has something for everyone. Organise an event like never before with Soul Chef’s impressionable outdoor catering service.

With our onsite kitchen service, you can be rest assured that the food served is freshly prepared with the choicest ingredients. Being mindful of the dietary requirements of your guest profile, you can even create a custom menu or let the chefs at Soul Chef curate one especially for you. We would love to adapt to the occasion and venue to make sure food and beverages gel up perfectly with the party.

How Soul Chef Ensures You Can Indulge Everyone With a Well-Catered Event

Soul Chef has worked with a plethora of clients catering for parties of all scales from an intimate housewarming party to an elaborate award function with major public figures making us one of the best and most-preferred outdoor caterers in town. We provide a perfect blend of seasonal, exotic as well as local foods that are served fresh from the kitchen. The staff at Soul Chef is highly trained and professional to provide you with the best hospitality while you and your guests mingle with each other and indulge in the best culinary experience of your life.

What Does Team Soul Chef Do to Make Your Party an Unforgettable Experience?

Experience comprehensive outdoor catering with a wide spectrum of beverages and cuisines to choose from. Beverages play just as important of a role as food. This is precisely why your favourite event caterers offer the most innovative and never-tried-before drinks to take your party up a notch. Our chefs pay utmost attention to detail to everything from welcome drinks and appetisers to meals and desserts so you can enjoy an exceptional culinary experience. Charm your guests with the enticing aroma of authentic cuisines from all over the world and some signature dishes from Soul Chef. Your favourite outdoor caterers believe in good hygienic conditions, use the choicest ingredients to make the food and luxury cutlery to provide a gourmet experience like never before.

It is our prime focus to provide you with an unfathomable culinary experience so the next time you throw a party or organise a wedding, you think of the best caterers in Mumbai and connect with Soul Chef. Wish to find out how our comprehensive outdoor catering can make your event organising journey smoother? Ring us up to get in touch with one of our experts today.

We will plan your event

Soul Chef is recognized for its friendly approach and, most importantly, the curated menu and classy food dishes. We've partnered with the finest event coordinators to provide you with dozens of venues, photographers, stage and lighting, music & sound effects, floral & event decor options. We can create a jubilant environment in your awards & concerts show.

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Our 'Chef-Perts' say, 'Planning a menu for awards & concerts where there is a constantly moving crowd of various artists, VIPs, and crew members - it's no easy feat. Although presenting a variety of cuisine and food style is essential; however, creating an environment where guests can easily mingle and enjoy the authentic food is our main objective. You'll get a fantastic catering experience with us, and the food will push your guests over the edge. Having served for so many events, we know exactly what's required to delight the guests and touch their souls. Whether they receive an award or not, but winning their hearts is important for us!

Contact our concert catering specialist & we'll design an exquisite menu for you.

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FAQs: Answers to your catering questions

Outdoor catering is generally the catering services provided outside the tenancy of the person receiving services. The different types of outdoor catering services are wedding catering, corporate catering, social event, and concession catering services; the caterers are providing the services outside the premises of the person rendering the catering service and otherwise.

Yes, live counters are available and are part of outdoor catering events. We, at Soul Chef, as top-notch outdoor caterers, with our onsite kitchen service, serve you freshly prepared delicacies and cuisine with the choicest ingredients. We provide live counter options for your outdoor party by adapting to the occasion and venue to ensure top quality, delicious, and flavoursome dishes.

Yes, we appreciate a specific amount of the fees in advance. The advance could be 50% of the total costs; however, it varies for different services, plans, and menus. If you are looking forward to an outdoor catering service, contact us to discuss this further.

While partnering with us for outdoor catering services, it is best if you finalize the event's details well in advance. However, in case of any emergency or updates, get in touch with us regarding the same, and we'll be more than happy to help you.

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