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A great award ceremony requires an opulent venue and catering service that creates a stunning impression in the minds of Stars and the guests. We are big on Awards & Concerts catering experience. We have catered some of the most prestigious shows in Mumbai and beyond. Many stars, VIP dignitaries, and high end clients have been enticed by our delectable food and the professional approach. Our outdoor catering services facilitate an on-site kitchen for you and your guests who can mingle as well as enjoy the delicious food.

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Soul Chef is recognized for its friendly approach and, most importantly, the curated menu and classy food dishes. We've partnered with the finest event coordinators to provide you with dozens of venues, photographers, stage and lighting, music & sound effects, floral & event decor options. We can create a jubilant environment in your awards & concerts show.

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Our 'Chef-Perts' say, 'Planning a menu for awards & concerts where there is a constantly moving crowd of various artists, VIPs, and crew members - it's no easy feat. Although presenting a variety of cuisine and food style is essential; however, creating an environment where guests can easily mingle and enjoy the authentic food is our main objective. You'll get a fantastic catering experience with us, and the food will push your guests over the edge. Having served for so many events, we know exactly what's required to delight the guests and touch their souls. Whether they receive an award or not, but winning their hearts is important for us!

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