Here’s How The Leading Catering Company Catered For Pivotal Clients Post-Covid

Make Work Fun, Build Team Morale, Or Celebrate A Big Win With Soul Chef

From venues and decorations to engaging activities and hospitality, the success of the event depends on several factors. The most memorable parties often have a beautiful amalgamation of personal touch, elegance and thoughtfulness. The crucial element of any event that can breathe life into the occasion and make it truly experiential, is the food served in that event. Whether it is innovative ideas for a food display or curating a menu that pleases the attendants, the best companies for catering for parties ensure to offer exciting and intriguing ideas that go way beyond the standard event catering fare.

Soul Chef provides the best catering services in Mumbai and has earned the trust of pivotal clients. As the world slowly recovers from the aftermath of the pandemic, Soul Chef is thriving better than ever before. Let us take you through the journey of Soul Chef after the pandemic and how we managed to win catering projects from some of the stalwarts in the business world.

How Soul Chef Overcame The Pandemic With Flying Colours

  • Choices Of Ingredients:
    The ingredients that go into making the succulent dishes that Soul Chef is famous for are mindfully sourced from clean and hygienic places only.
  • Conscious Preparation:
    The kitchen, appliances used, and our chefs are in complete accordance with the safety protocols.
  • Utensils And Cutlery:
    The utensils used to prepare the food and serve them are thoroughly sterilised before and after every event.
  • Unparalleled Service:
    We are a team of trained servers and planners. The waiters wear gloves and mask while serving food.

Our ingenious approach to catering and dedication to providing our clients with a fine culinary experience is the reason that Soul Chef has been trusted by such a wide client base.

The Quality That Sets Us Apart

We are more than an average corporate catering service, we provide 360-degree event management solutions. Soul chef has the finest planners under its belt. While you attend to your guests and have a good time, the team Soul chef will take care of your delectable cuisine, venues, floral decor, DJ & music, photographers, stage & lights, etc.

When you partner with Soul Chef as your corporate catering service, you can be rest assured of getting innovative food options on your menu, impeccable flavours and flawless service.

Have A Look At The Clients We Catered To Post Covid

Times of India is one of the leading and most popular daily newspaper and digital news media companies in India. They recently hosted a corporate event with all their business alliances, board of directors and key people gathered under one roof to celebrate. Soul chef added a dash of inexplicable elegance to the event with its gourmet catering services.

Times Of India

BSE, or Bombay Stock Exchange, is the largest stock exchange in India. BSE has helped develop the Indian capital markets and grow our corporate sector. In a recent event hosted by BSE, Soul Chef depicted its excellent culinary expertise and impressed the eminent businessmen.

Indian Navy is the pride of the country. The Navy has won countless medals, awards and recognitions for its selfless service to the country. The country puts its faith in the unbeatable Indian Navy and team Soul chef had the honour of saluting these heroes with its impeccable catering service and delectable cuisines.

Indain Navy
Boehringer Ingelhim

Boehringer Ingelheim is a global group of companies that works towards transforming humans and animals for today and generations to come. They put their faith in Soul Chef to cater for their recent event and built life-long relations with the catering company.

Run by the Foreign and Common Wealth Office, the UK Embassy maintains and develops the relationship between India and the United Kingdom. It handles the political, social and cultural relationships between Britain and India. When they had an event to host, the UK Embassy trusted the finest corporate catering service in Mumbai to take care of the food department.

UK Embassy
Welspun Loho

In a recent event hosted by Welspun Group, Soul Chef had the honour of serving its finest gourmet meals. Welspun is an international conglomerate whose industries are steel, energy and textiles. It is one of the fastest growing conglomerates with business in over 50 countries. Catering for Welspun was an enriching and memorable experience for team Soul Chef.

CargoAi is revolutionizing the air cargo industry by providing the finest and most innovative digitized solutions. The organization provides everything from booking to tracking. Adapting to their love for innovation, team Soul Chef served the guests at CargoAi with innovative dishes and drinks that they loved to devoured.

Cargo AI
Cargo AI

Turkish Cargo is the fastest-growing air cargo brand around the world. They are offering services in over 132 countries and are labelled as the “rising star of turkey” since 1933. Team Soul Chef is proud to have catered for the ambitious team at Turkish cargo at their corporate event conducted recently.

Revolutionise Your Company's Corporate Catering Experience

The chefs at Soul Chef don't just cook, they love to cook. We believe good food should be experiential and leave people waiting for more. We are on a mission to provide the best quality service along with full-fledged management of every event you host. Partner with Soul Chef as your corporate event caterers, and rest assured of charming your guests with the best culinary experience.