Welcome Ganesha And Guests To Your Home With Luscious Ukdiche Modaks By Soul Chef

It is that time of the year again. The time when the entire country, especially the state of Maharashtra, welcomes the idols of our beloved Ganesha into their homes. The glory of bringing the auspicious idols of the lord himself into our homes, buildings and offices e unmatched. The lively spirit of festivities, gathering of all our loved ones under one roof, and the feeling of immense bliss as we perform the rituals the life into our festival. The energy of the entire city is uplifted and highly positive in those 11 days. Just like every other festival in India, the festival of Ganesha observes the gathering of friends and family for performing the traditions and rituals.

The day you welcome the lord in your house requires you to be on your toes at all times. From taking care of the guests to participating in the rituals, preparing and serving the food along with decoration, there is a lot in one’s basket on the day. Trying to single-handedly manage all these things can leave you exhausted by the end of the day and deprive you of enjoying the festival yourself. The best way to make sure you can whole-heartedly enjoy this festival is to get help from professionals.

Embellish The Culture Of Feasting

India is a country of fasting and feasting. Food has always been a major part of all our events and festivals. Every festival has a different set of culinary importance associated with it. For example, the festival of kites brings with it the mouthwatering Til Laddoos. Eid is known for its succulent Biryanis. Just like that a touch of unmistakable charm is added to Ganesha Utsav by classic Ukdiche Modak with sweet-filling. Ganesha Festival is practically incomplete without the sweet touch of Modak.

There are endless varieties of Modaks available nowadays like mava Modak, chocolate Modaks, boondi Modak, chocolate and walnut Modak, gulkand-khoya-sauf Modaks and kaju Modaks to name a few. But the simplicity and intriguing flavour palette of traditional ukdiche Modak remains unmatched. They are said to be Lord Ganesha’s favourites and are a sure-shot way to please your guests.

Share The Responsibility Of Organizing A Mesmerizing Event With Soul Chef

The demand for festive special food and sweets goes up exponentially as there are celebrations across the state from huge mandals to residential societies. Some families prefer to have a simple meal with a grand dessert menu while others prefer a gourmet meal with an elaborate sweet and prasad menu. People who welcome the Lord in their homes celebrate the festival with so much zeal and devotion that they want everything to be perfect. From decorations to the food, they wish to leave no stone unturned in making this festival a memorable time for everyone. While managing so many aspects of the event, it becomes heinous for the host and they might not be able to fully enjoy their own festival. This is where a helping hand from professionals can do wonders for the host.

The best catering services in Mumbai like Soul Chef will help you out with the food department while you enjoy the festival to the fullest. They will take care of curating the ideal menu for your event that not only fits perfectly for the occasion but also makes the day memorable for the guests.

Join Hands With The Finest Catering Company In Mumbai

If you wish to serve delicious meals to the Lord and the guest and even more flavorsome Modaks, Soul Chef is the name for you. We serve a wide variety of Vegetarian and Jain cuisines. Work with the finest event catering services this Ganesh Utsav and make your festival a lot more memorable. You can get in touch with our experts and see how they can add a touch of charm to your home this festive season.