Let The Dexterous Chef At Soul Chef Add An Unmistakable Charm To Your Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

India observes a series of festivals one after the other once the monsoon season starts. One of the biggest festivals of the season, especially for the people in Maharashtra is Ganesh Chaturthi. The festivals make the gloomy days of heavy rain cheerful and full of life. The people are on the streets, dressed in their best outfits, dancing and enjoying the holy arrival of the Lord in their homes, societies and offices.

While we are occupied with welcoming the Lord in our homes, participating in rituals and attending to the guests, the element of the festival that often gets neglected is “Food”. Serving food to all the guests and offering the Prasad to the Lord can be a heinous task to complete if you do not have a few helping hands to take some of the load off. Even then, you would have to prep the food well in advance and take a break from engaging with your guests to prepare the food and serve it to your guests. Having the help of the finest chefs in the city to take care of the food and beverage department at your celebration can take a huge load of responsibilities off your shoulder.

How can Soul Chef make your Ganesh Chaturthi festival a lot more memorable?

We Are A Team Of Highly Trained Professionals And Offer Premium Quality Services

A reliable gourmet catering company like Soul Chef will make sure to provide high standard services. If you wish to provide your guests with a memorable event, make sure to partner with the best home catering services that provide nothing less than top-notch services and divine-tasting food.

We Take The Responsibility Of Curating The Perfect Menu Off Your Shoulders

When it comes to festivities like these, there are certain dishes that we expect to be served in the meals. Ganesh Chaturthi is known for the delicious, flavour-packed traditional foods from the state of Maharashtra and the mouthwatering varieties of Modaks. If you are baffled about curating the right menu for the occasion or upgrading the dishes a little to match your flavour palette, you are in the right place. Team Soul Chef has expertise in creating a menu that perfectly suits the event and pleases your flavour palette as well.

You Can Enjoy A Wide Variety Of Culinary Options

This is the one of the biggest advantages of hiring Soul Chef as your house party caterers this Ganesh Chaturthi. We have a long list of dishes that you can choose from. You can handpick the dishes you want to the served at your event depending on your preference and your guest profile. Being the host, you will have the huge responsibility of selecting the right menu for your guests to make the festival a lot more special for yourself and your guests.

On top of offering the widest menu option to choose from, Soul Chef offers a variety of plans as well. You can choose to have the prepared dishes to your doorstep and serve them yourself or have the professionals at Soul Chef serve them for you.

Check Out The Packages That Soul Chef Offers And Find The Perfect One For Yourself

Option: 1

3 Starters + 3 Mains + Assorted Breads + Salads + Desserts Entire Catering with Crockery & Cutlery & Manpower & Service Minimum Billing of 33,000

Option: 2

3 Starters + 3 Mains + Assorted Breads + Salads + Desserts Food + Helpers Rate Shall be 1100 per pax Manpower Charges: 1200 per Helper

Option: 3

You can choose from a wide variety of Veg and Jain Menu. Depending on your budget we can just deliver the food to your house. Delivery Charges shall be additional (No Minimum Billing)

Option 4:

You can opt for Pre-packed Meals starting at 350 per pax for Lunch and Dinner The charges per pax for Snacks will be rupees 200. Minimum order of 10 Boxes and the delivery Charges shall be additional The packaging materials we use for delivering the food to your doorstep are 100% biodegradable

We Make Your Festive Celebration Stress-free

Being a host during this festival is not a cakewalk as you will be required to manage a plethora of other things like decoration, lights, performing the rituals, welcoming the guests and serving food to everyone. This barely leaves any time for socializing. Having the help of catering services in Mumbai significantly reduces the stress and anxiety as we will handle everything from curating the perfect menu to preparing the food and serving the meals leaving you with plenty of time to interact with your guests and enjoy the festival to the fullest.

Get A Chance To Work With The Finest Catering Company In Mumbai

Soul Chef has extensive experience in catering to big and small house parties in and around Mumbai. When you have a house full of guests to cater to, leave the task of keeping them satiated, preparing the finest cuisines new from around the world and serving professionally on team Soul Chef.

We have catered for events of all sizes and types, gaining expertise in pleasing the guests and making your event a sure-shot success. You are just one phone call away from leveraging the benefit of working with the best catering company in Mumbai this Ganesh Chaturthi. Get in touch with us today to make your Ganesh Chaturthi celebration pleasant, happier, and brighter than ever.