Raise The Flag With Pride And Celebrate Independence Day With These Succulent Dishes

On the second weekend of August 2022, as we celebrate 75 glorious years of Independence, you can tuck some of the most sumptuous foods from across the country. The world looks up to India for many aspects, food being one of the superior ones. We are a country of diverse cultures, ethnicities and languages, but if there is something that diminishes these differences and unites us all, it is surely our Food. Every Indian kitchen has seen the goodness of cuisines from every part of the country, from mouth-watering Biryani to soft and juicy coconut barfi. Be it the syrup-filled Rosogullas from Kolkata or sweet-spicy Khaman Dhokla from Gujarat, the way we feast is a reflection of our integrity.

Every corner of the country will be celebrating this day to commemorate India’s freedom, and corporate organizations are no different. It is a great day to engage with your employees and enjoy the celebration a bit more. Organizations across the country will welcome their employees into the office for a day full of fun activities and joyous experiences. The zeal of the festive spirit is taken to a whole new level when the entire staff is dressed up in traditional clothes, performing Independence Day special activities, playing games and indulging in specially made food. After the flag hoisting, food is the major centre of attention on this day.

Food brings us together and the celebration of 15th August is an apt reflection of that. Independence Day celebrations, especially in corporate offices, are all about exciting activities and indulging in delicacies from across the country. The menu served at these parties is extensive and brings elements of different cultures of our country to the table.

This Independence Day, Savour The Flavours From Different Regions Of India

There is no denying that Indian food is as wide as its culture and lifestyle. Every part of the country has its own specialty that is reflected in the flavours of the dishes from that region. So, this Independence Day, why not try some of the famous delicacies from India? You can curate a menu that is inclusive of everything from the scrumptious Ghevar to a cool refreshing glass of lassi. You can curate a customized color-coordinated menu inspired by the Tricolor. If you have a theme party for the Independence Day celebration with your colleagues, you can instruct your office lunch catering service to provide food inspired by the theme to add a fun element to the party.

You can also choose to free yourself from the stress of figuring out the menu for the Independence Day celebration. You can simply hire the best corporate catering service in Mumbai that specialises in theme parties and leave it upon them to curate the perfect menu for your event.

The best part about working with the most trusted corporate caterers is that they will help you curate the finest menu for your specific event. The menu items you choose to serve depend on several factors like your guest profile, the theme of your party, time, season and the dietary requirements of the guests. The finest corporate catering service like Soul Chef provides a wide menu with over 400 different items to choose from. For gourmet office lunch catering, one can try the Working Lunch Menu Option, Continental, Indian, Chinese or Pan Asian meals.

Depending on your preference, Soul Chef provides different serving options as well. You can have a team of trained professionals serving the meals to your employees, investors, clients and everyone at the Independence Day celebration in your office. You can also opt for a buffet so your guests feel more in control of the food they eat and the portion size. Having a live counter is an excellent idea so everyone at the party can devour the freshly made food to their heart’s content.

Ensuring the best catering services in Mumbai does not have to cast a hole in your pocket if you work with Soul Chef. You can have the choicest of delicacies served on National Independence Day with prices starting from ₹900 per person for a guest list of 20 people.

Meet Mumbai’s Favorite Gourmet Catering Company!

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