Unforgettable Flavors by Soul Chef: Mesacon Jewel Apartments' Flying Buffet Soars to New Heights

Whether it's a small or large occasion, food has become an inseparable part. Recently, Mesacon Jewel, an apartment located in the heart of Andheri, arranged a culinary marvel that awakened the tastebuds of every resident. Soul Chef, providing one of the best catering services in Mumbai, was pleased to serve at the organized event. Committed to the Soul Chef standards, we promise to deliver unforgettable flavours throughout the culinary journey. The most unique thing to highlight about the dinner is the 'Flying Buffet.' Most food portions, such as starters and main course, were served to the residents and guests at their place. This saved them from the hustle of getting in queues and reaching their favourite cuisine. Outdoor caterers like Soul Chef ensure that the staff serves the guests with utmost professionalism without letting them wait while relishing the course. The attendees loved the strategic and innovative arrangements by Soul Chef while enjoying the delicious feast right at the table. Here, we have shared a glimpse of the menu served at Mesacon Jewels Apartment to take the flying buffet to the newest heights.

Unforgettable Flavours by Soul Chef Served at Mesacon Jewel Apartment

Providing catering services in Mumbai for years, Soul Chef has immense experience and expertise to make the events grander with culinary art. Our chefs created a mosaic of culinary wonders, where every dish represented its own story. The exceptional culinary skills of our chefs presented at the table not only brought taste but magic and warmth to the diners. So, let's explore the cuisine served by Soul Chef.

Mouthwatering Starters

  • Freshly Baked Thin Crust Pizza
    Soul Chef set the evening off with the aroma of freshly baked thin-crust pizza. The crispy crust, decorated with colourful toppings from cherry tomatoes to mushrooms, mesmerized the residents' eyes and tastebuds.
  • Feta Cheese And Leek Cigars With Sweet Chilli Sauce
    The dish is an excellent fusion of feta cheese and crisp and golden leek cigars served with a sweet chilli sauce. The combination of leek cigars with sweet chilli sauce forms the perfect balance of tangy and spicy taste. Every bite offers a treat to unique taste and texture, creating a lingering taste.
  • Edamame And Truffle Oil Dim Sum With Chilli Oil And Sweet Soy Sauce
    Soul Chef experts showed creativity by finely curating Edamame and truffle oil dim sum. These delicate parcels of veggies were steamed to cook to offer a burst of rich, umami flavours. The dumplings are accompanied by chilli oil and sweet soy sauce to heighten the luxurious experience to new levels.
  • Spring Rolls With Szechwan Chutney
    The spring rolls, deliciously curated by Soul Chef experts, feature fresh vegetables. They are fried golden with a crisp outer layer. Served with Szechwan chutney, the delightful combination of spice and crispiness ensures that the taste buds dance, enticing everyone for the next bite.

Soulful Main Course

  • Chole With Bread Kulcha In Jars
    Soul Chef culinary experts served Chole in charming jars alongside the soft and fluffy bread kulchas to add more innovation. The chickpea infused with aromatic spices served with kulcha was a traditional Indian treat of flavours to the residents.
  • Burnt Garlic Rice With Hot And Sweet Sauce
    This dish transported the residents to the streets of southeast Asia with its fragrant and slightly smoky touch. Burnt garlic rice paired with hot and sweet sauce offers a delightful contrast that leaves the taste buds tingling with the right balance of heat and sweetness.
  • Penne Pasta In Pink Sauce With Garlic Bread
    Soul Chef brought the Italian flavours to the table with penne pasta in pink sauce. The delicious combination of tomato and cream and al dente pasta serve as a comforting yet sophisticated dish. It is served with perfectly toasted garlic bread for added flavours and textures with every bite.
  • Vegetable In Makhani Gravy With Laccha Paratha
    Serving the rich and velvety makhani gravy with laccha paratha took the residents to the streets of North India. Various vegetables completely dipped in the gravy provide a luscious experience. The flaky layers of laccha paratha accompanied the dish to enhance the flavours.

Soothing Salads

  • Fresh Pear Salad With Citrus Dressing
    The refreshing salad features the fresh pear salad drizzled with a zesty citrus dressing. It consists of crisp lettuce, juicy pears, and a burst of citrus, which creates a harmonious balance of flavours.
  • Thai Crunchy Vegetable Salad with Peanut Dressing
    The salad with vibrant colours and crunch of fresh vegetables mixed together perfectly and showered with peanut dressing transported the residents to the bustling streets of Bangkok.
  • Exotic Vegetable Salad with Parmesan Cream Dressing
    A flavoursome mixture of exotic vegetables with parmesan cream dressing is a true delight. The salad is a mixture of the simplest ingredients that elevate the entire culinary journey.

Dreamy Desserts

  • Strawberry Mousse In Shot Glasses
    Soul Chef experts curated a Strawberry Mousse in shot glasses to bring together uniqueness and sweetness. The layers of velvety mousse, decorated with fresh strawberries, give a sweetness that satisfies your soul.
  • Hazelnut Squares
    Soul Chef experts showcased their mastery of desserts with hazelnut squares. The flavourful combination of the crunch of hazelnuts and the richness of chocolate creates an outstanding blend of texture that keeps dessert lovers mesmerized.
  • Fresh Fruit And Cream Tarts
    To add more freshness at the end of the culinary journey, the fresh fruit and cream tarts became the perfect choice. The crispy tart shells filled with cream and garnished with fresh fruits are truly bliss. Every bite serves as a harmonious blend of sweetness and tartness. Indeed, it is a perfect ending for the unforgettable culinary journey.

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