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Corporate events are indeed organized for presentations and networking purposes. However, as the corporate world started evolving while arranging corporate events, the spotlight is no longer solely on business meetings, exchanging ideas or collaboration but also increasingly turning towards the culinary experiences accompanying these gatherings. The menu is designed not only to fill the hungry stomach but to bring creativity, innovation, and a keen understanding of the latest culinary trends.

Nowadays, corporates are embracing a more holistic approach to employee engagement and thus, corporate event caterers like Soul Chef are stepping up their game to offer innovative and mouthwatering culinary options. Already wondering about what's new in the corporate event catering? No worries, we have shared everything here for you. As one of the leading corporate caterers, we know the latest corporate event catering trends. From unique dishes that tantalize the taste buds to immersive dining experience, you can explore the trends that make waves in the boardrooms and conference halls alike.

Global Fusion: A Culinary Journey

One of the most exciting trends in corporate event catering is the increasing demand for global fusion cuisine. By breaking the traditional boundaries, chefs are introducing fantastic flavours from the different regions of the world, offering a delightful culinary journey for event attendees. Our Soul Chef experts recommend adding more than just traditional dishes like biryani, pav bhaji and kebabs to your plate. You can select from a range of mouthwatering dishes like 'Miso-Glazed Tacos' in which the Japanese Miso meets the zestiness of Mexican street food, or 'Sushi Burritos', a delicious fusion of Japanese sushi and Mexican burritos that innovatively brings together different worlds.

Interactive Food Stations: A Feast for the Senses

The trend of interactive food stations is booming like anything. These stations are not just set up to serve delicious food but also to offer an engaging experience to attendees. Think of 'Gourmet Grilled Cheese Bar' at your organized corporate event, where the attendees can choose from the array of artisanal breads, a variety of cheeses, and toppings to create their own personalized grilled cheese masterpieces. Your team will enjoy this fun element that ultimately encourages socializing. By having corporate caterers like Soul Chef by your side, you can set up interactive food stations for personalized pasta bars or grilling stations for sliders and kebabs.

Plant-Based Elegance: Green is the New Black

As many people are opting for health-conscious lifestyles and the rise in environmental awareness, plant-based catering options are gaining popularity. Corporate events are giving preference to sophisticated and flavourful plant-based dishes that go beyond typical salads. Some of the dishes that our experts serve are 'Truffle-Infused Mushroom Risotto', 'Cauliflower Steak with Romesco Sauce', 'Jackfruit Tacos', 'Quinoa-stuffed bell peppers' and many more. These colourful and flavoursome dishes not only amaze vegetarian and vegan attendees but also appeal to the broader audience.

Instagrammable Delights: The Social Media Effect

In today's social media age, food presentation is as important as its taste. During corporate events, while giving preference to taste, visually stunning and Instagrammable dishes are embraced. These unique dishes not only delight the taste buds but also make you keep clicking. Being one of the reliable corporate event caterers, we uniquely present the overall dishes that you won't resist sharing pictures on social media. Some Instagrammable delights are 'Dragon Fruit Sorbet Spheres' and 'Edible Flower Infused Water', which appeal to the attendees.

Tech-Infused Catering: Beyond the Buffet Line

Technology has left no room to enter, and corporate event is no exception. When it comes to tech-infused catering, it includes interactive menu displays, AI-powered food recommendations, or even 3D-printed desserts. Attendees can indulge in 'Augmented Reality Sushi', where digital animations truly enhance the sushi-eating experience.

Nostalgic Nibbles: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Our comfort food has undergone a gourmet makeover while entering the corporate catering scene. To add a touch of nostalgia, attendees are served with elevated versions of their childhood favourites. Our Soul Chef experts precisely curate delicious dishes to offer you a quick tour of the good old days. The dishes range from gourmet macaroni and cheese with truffle oil, deconstructed grilled cheese sandwiches with artisanal spreads, mini sliders, Lobster Mac N Cheese bites and many more.

Experiential Desserts: Sweet Memories in Every Bite

Undoubtedly, desserts are an integral part of feasts. Apart from bland dessert options, experiential dessert stations are in the trend. Attendees can indulge in sweet treats while enjoying the visually appealing setup. Think of a liquid nitrogen ice cream station creating instant frozen delights or interactive chocolate fondue fountains enhancing attendees' experience. You can also go for Matcha Mochi Ice Cream Bites, which offers a fantastic combination of chewy mochi and the subtle bitterness of matcha-infused ice cream. According to corporate event preferences, Soul Chef, a corporate caterer, customizes and brings various dessert innovations to you.

Craft Beverage Experiences: Mixology Magic

To accompany the culinary innovations, craft beverage experiences are making their mark in corporate event catering. The basic bar servings are now replaced with a mesmerizing beverage menu. It includes artisanal cocktails, craft beers, and speciality mocktails. The event attendees can enjoy mixology demonstrations, personalized cocktail creations and even non-alcoholic alternatives that are as sophisticated as their alcoholic counterparts. Some of the mixology magic that our experts provide are 'Elderflower and cucumber sparkler', 'Smoked Maple Bourbon Old Fashioned' or a 'Cucumber Basil Gin Fizz' that becomes the focal point.

Soul Chef: Bringing Trends and Innovation to Your Corporate Event

Soul Chef is one of the leading names for corporate catering services in Mumbai. Offering our valuable services to your esteemed clients, we commit to our ethics and practices to deliver memorable experiences. Along with corporate catering, we also provide catering services for weddings, house parties, sundowners, birthday parties, social events, and many more. When it comes to corporate catering, our experts are updated with the latest trends. Hence, we understand your purpose and preferences while curating a delicious menu for your event. Our chefs add a touch of innovation with our expertise and experience while serving the gourmet combinations. Let our Soul Chef experts know about the trend you desire to incorporate in your event and watch it coming into reality.

So, are you planning a corporate event catering? Get in touch with us today to discuss trends and cuisines.

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