Five tips to plan a successful corporate event

Life is too short to waste precious time on boring events!

In an increasingly digital world, it is very rare for people to meet without a screen between them! LinkedIn messages, Facebook status updates or tweets- nothing can replace the genuine connections made through in-person communication. Corporate events strengthen bonds with current clients and partners, and attract future ones. It is a great platform for people to relate in a personal way. They have endless possibilities to grow your business, enhance your network, and make your presence known in the industry. As a result, hosting corporate events is one of the most effective channels for achieving business goals.

There are many aspects to consider while planning a corporate event, from determining your objective in conducting this event to finding the right location and determining menu selections to agenda constraints and giveaways or no giveaways. Here are 5 tips on how to plan a successful event that your attendees won't forget so soon.

1. Identify the purpose of your event

The first thing that you need to address is ‘Why are you hosting this event?’ It could be anything from a target fundraising goal, to create an impression on your clients, or simply to appreciate the hard work of your employees. Once you have established the purpose it becomes easy to plan out the rest of the event.

2. Select an appropriate venue

The venue you select sets the tone for your entire event. Make sure the location is convenient with a vibrant atmosphere so attendees feel comfortable and willing to make the commute. Soul Chef will be your perfect companion at every step right from selecting the event venue to finalising the menu. We cater to any location across Mumbai with excellent event catering services. It includes lawn, parks, banquet, rooftop, venue spaces, beaches, etc.

3. Choose a professional corporate caterer

If you think hiring a professional is expensive, you will be shocked at the cost of hiring an amateur! Good food uplifts the mood. You need a catering service that is on time, accurate, and most importantly - exquisite. Hiring a full service catering company like Soul Chef with the know-how and experience to handle all aspects of your event will make the entire process so much easier. We have a bespoke corporate catering menu that suits your style, taste, and most importantly - fits in your pocket. We have a large staff of exceptional chefs, well-skilled servers, bartenders, and experienced hospitality managers required to fulfill requirements of events of all sizes and types. Our delivery service will serve hot and delicious food right from our kitchen to your event spot.

4. Keep your attendees engaged

Unique activities help keep your guests engaged and leave a wonderful impression along with enjoying a meal and socializing with other attendees. We have tie-ups with the best event design team to facilitate rental items, décor, photographers, musicians & artists, and bar service. Whether it is a trendy photo booth to document your attendees’ excitement or special entertainment like musical acts, fun activities help increase interaction and add creativity to your event while creating great memories for everyone involved.

5. Promote your event

No one will show up if people don't know about your event. This makes it imperative to find creative ways to spread the word. For a small event with a limited guest list, you can send out direct invitations, but for larger events make use of social media to draw attention. Harness the influence of your speakers too to attract guests.

Planning corporate events can be quite daunting, exhausting and time consuming. Making it successful is more challenging. We can help coordinate the details to ensure you make the most of your event. Focus on the smallest detail to ensure the biggest success of an event

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