What Precautionary Measures Should Be Taken for Birthday Parties in the COVID Situation?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has already isolated kids due to lockdowns and side-lined your children's dearest activities such as studying with their classmates at school, playing outdoor sports with their best friends, or going out to the marketplace for shopping with their parents.

Even your child's birthday party can't be conducted without adhering to strict restrictions and guidelines. But you can still celebrate your child's birthday party by taking necessary precautionary measures beforehand; after all, it's about the health and wellbeing of everyone.

Do you, your family, and your invitees need to get vaccinated before gathering for the birthday party celebration?

Absolutely mandatory. The best precautionary measure to take; as health experts suggest is to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Unvaccinated people are more likely to fall severely sick and might even unknowingly end up spreading the virus to others.

At Soul Chef, we always make sure our birthday house party catering members are fully vaccinated and take every possible precaution necessary.

Do you need to take precautions while travelling for the birthday party by public transport?

While travelling, wearing a mask in public transportation including planes, buses, and trains is mandatory. As we know, the risk of community transmission is higher in any public setting. Your invitees including yourself should not travel to a birthday party if you have tested positive for COVID-19 or are sick with COVID-19 like symptoms.

Soul Chef's birthday party catering team always takes utmost care in terms of the hygiene of the services while dealing with the logistics of required equipment and members.

Do you need to take extra precautions for protecting your children who aren't yet eligible for vaccination or aren't yet fully vaccinated?

Young kids are less likely to fall sick but that doesn't mean they are immune to the COVID-19 virus. If your children are under the eligible age of vaccination program, then make sure you immediately get them vaccinated without wasting any more time. Once vaccinated, your child can now participate in birthday parties with protection.

If your child is not yet eligible to get vaccinated then you have to take extra precautions, such as wearing a mask indoors as well as outdoors and maintaining at least 1 metre of distance from others.

What precautionary measures should you take to protect others and yourself from getting infected with COVID-19 while organising and participating in a birthday party irrespective of vaccination status? & What preventive steps can you take to make the birthday party as safe as possible for guests?

If you, your guests' children and their family members are fully vaccinated then you can safely organise and/or participate in the birthday party because most people at your birthday party are protected and are less likely to spread the virus. Still being cautious is extremely necessary while you gathering with unvaccinated families.

Soul Chef's home catering services adhere to the guidelines and provide safe in-house catering services by maintaining sufficient distance with other catering members, washing / sanitising hands frequently, and other contact areas. All staff of the home catering for small parties have to wear mask throughout the event duration.

Precautionary Measures One Needs to Take Regardless of Their COVID-19 Vaccination Status Are:

  • Your venue must have enough space for invitees to maintain at least a 1-metre distance from others.
  • Encourage everyone including house party caterers to wear the mask from the beginning till the end of the celebration.
  • Ensure that you host your birthday party and the party catering food service in a well-ventilated outdoor space to prevent the easy spread of the COVID-19 virus; which is more likely to spread easily in poorly ventilated settings. Everyone should try to avoid crowding and crowded areas as well as avoid poorly ventilated areas.
  • Anyone who coughs and sneezes must cover their mouth and nose by bending their elbow or by using a tissue.
  • Everyone should clean their hands frequently; by using alcohol-based hand sanitisers or providing access to soap and water, tissues, and bins with lids that close.
  • Your event must adhere to the above mentioned precautionary measures and strictly practice them to protect everyone from getting infected with COVID-19. Refer to guidelines issued by your local public health authorities before you plan the birthday party.

How to Celebrate the Birthday Party Under an Overwhelming Amount of Restrictions?

Conduct birthday games that require the least amount of physical contacts such as a single-player treasure hunt or string hunt or scavenger hunt or single-person birthday parade so that your child doesn't feel the burden of the restriction too much; after all, it's a birthday party celebration. Find other creative ways to enjoy the birthday party celebrations alongside adhering to precautionary measures.

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