What Are The Innovative Ways Wedding Caterers Can Make Your Wedding Day Auspicious?

You are getting married but that doesn’t mean you should feel the pressure to meet the status quotient at your own wedding. Indian weddings and scrumptious food go hand in hand and let’s be honest, most of the time we only go to weddings for the food. It is the magic spellbinds of wedding catering services that bind us all in the mouth-watering flavours and aroma of heavenly dishes. Hence, it’s absolutely crucial to hire only the best wedding caterer for your Big Day.. Whether you want your wedding arrangements to be casual shindig, fancy rendezvous, or something in-between, never hesitate to go bold with the food. Food is an extension of a nationalist feeling, an ethnic feeling and a reflection of your fine taste. This is precisely why Soul Chef goes above and beyond to come up with innovative ways to make your wedding day even more special.

  1. Open Barbeque If you are planning to get married during winter months or whenever the weather seems pleasant, having an outdoor wedding with a sizzling barbeque gives your guests the most memorable experience. Event caterers share that most people love the aroma and flavours of a BBQ making them not only a favourable but also a fun element to have in a wedding. Depending on your guest's list, make sure your wedding caterers include dishes that suit people with all kinds of dietary requirements.
  2. Fusion Food Fusion food has now become a part of Indian wedding meals. Since everything about weddings from the traditional red lehenga to regional dishes has evolved, why be stuck to the same old boring way of serving food? Fusion food is a splendid combination of traditional flavours and modern dining. It is a spectacular way of adding a surprise element to your wedding menu by presenting the evergreen dishes in a modern manner. Our team of chefs love to experiment with food to bring a new line of food combination and presentation to life and the results have left everyone spellbound. Your wedding day marks the beginning of a new journey, would you want to be the talk of the town with scrumptious fusion dishes?
  3. The Cocktail Hour AS the guests are only beginning to ease into the event’s main attraction- The Happy Couple, you might not want them to feel intoxicated too early. While a pretty bar is almost essential in weddings these days, turning them into an attractive cocktail station is an innovative choice. As one of the most experienced wedding caterers in Mumbai, Soul Chef offers a gorgeous combination of innovative cocktails and gourmet wine, spirits, herbs and spices that are sure to give your guests a pleasant time at the wedding. Moreover, the cocktails are prepared in a way that makes them easier to pair with food and have an added value of stocking appetite.
  4. A Refreshing Beverage Station For Summer Weddings Why not keep the refreshments chugging, especially if you are planning to have an outdoor wedding in the middle of warm months? Having a refreshing beverage station at a wedding is a thoughtful addition that will keep your guests pleasantly surprised…and hydrated. With Soul chef, the best wedding caterer in Mumbai by your side, you can organise a self-serve drink station that offers sweet tea, lemonades, juices, infused waters from glass and cut-crystal dispensers that allow your guests to serve themselves as much as they want.
  5. Theme Dinners A lot of couples these days want their wedding day arrangement around a particular theme. Everything from the menu to the decor and food ought to be in alignment with that theme. This clearly opens for a lot of unique ideas for the event caterers. Some of the most common themes chosen for Indian weddings are Bollywood, Sufi, Fairytale, Boho, or Traditional. The chef-X-perts at Soul Chef can curate a theme inspired custom menu that matches with the venue and rest of the arrangements.
    At elaborate events like weddings, food is more than just about presentation and taste. It is the soul of the party that can either make or break your event. Think of it as an interactive experience, a reflection of rich heritage and an ice breaker for the guests as they prepare themselves for the surreal ceremony.