Unlock Your Fortune with a Diwali Cards Party at Sundowner Accompanied by Luscious Delicacies

What's grander to celebrate than Diwali? Think of you in the good company of your family and friends, sharing stories and laughter with tasty food and refreshing drinks. Isn't that exciting? As we know, on the auspicious occasion of Diwali, card parties are usually organized on the eve after Laxmi puja. It's been considered that these card parties are hosted to welcome good fortune and prosperity in our lives in the year ahead. Families and friends get together on this day to celebrate Diwali and follow the fun ritual of playing cards. The game of cards is for the day itself, where you can indulge and play with limited stakes to win fortune and luck.
Organized at sundowner locations, these parties are not only limited to playing cards but also include aesthetic ambiance, decor, delicious food, sunset view, music to groove, and purely Diwali vibes. Well, all these arrangements can't be managed single-handedly, right? Thus, you need reliable event caterers and decorators to make the sundowner card party successful. Soul Chef is a renowned catering services provider in Mumbai, serving a flavoursome menu at various significant events and occasions. You can trust and turn your ordinary gatherings into extraordinary experiences with Soul Chef. By gathering your ideas and our expertise, choose a stunning sundowner location accompanied by mouthwatering delicacies to surprise your beloved guests.

Plan Your Sundowner For Diwali With Soul Chef

You must pay attention to detail while planning a Diwali card party at a Sundowner location. Considering the below-shared points handy, you can make it a memorable event.

Star Asia Cup: A Grand Affair

  • Choose the Perfect Venue
    First and foremost, all you have to do is search for an outstanding sundowner location. The one that allows you to create a mesmerizing ambiance for your Diwali celebration. Soul Chef, being one of the best corporate caterers, also provides event management services and offers premium locations for Sundowner parties at Lower Parel and Khar in Mumbai. These venues provide a perfect backdrop for your gathering and meet your purpose precisely.
  • Design and Decorations
    To catch the Diwali vibes, decorate the celebration venue with traditional elements like diya, fairy lights, and rangoli. You can also go with theme decorations to match the festive spirit by partnering with Soul Chef.
  • Send Invitations
    Ensure to invite your guests in advance, as it will help to set the tone of your sundowner party and add more to the anticipation.
  • Card Games
    While making the arrangements, don't forget to make an assortment of card games available for your guests to enjoy. It can be games of your choice like Teen Patti, Rummy, Bridge, and many others to ensure everyone feels participated and enjoys the fullest.
  • Joy and Entertainment
    To add more spark to your sundowner party, include some light entertainment like traditional folk music or live music to keep the festive spirits high.
  • Customize your Menu
    You can craft a delicious menu for your guests by partnering with Soul Chef. Consider the specific tastes and dietary preferences while selecting the menu. Right from traditional Indian to global fusion, Soul Chef offers a diverse menu that will delight your guests.

Soul Chef's Magically Crafted Delights Offering a Gastronomic Journey

As one of the leading corporate and wedding caterers, we at Soul Chef curates our culinary experiences and innovatively blend traditions to create a menu that leaves you mesmerized after you win playing cards.

Appealing Appetizers

  • Stuffed Mushrooms
    Fresh mushroom caps filled with a creamy blend of spinach and parmesan are absolutely perfect to start with.
  • Paneer Tikka
    Perfect succulent paneer cubes marinated in a blend of spices and grilled to perfection are the choice to accompany while playing cards served with mint chutney.
  • Caprese Salad Bites
    A colourful combination of cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil leaves that are drizzled with balsamic glaze are delicious to eat as they look.
  • Mediterranean Mezze Platter
    An assortment of hummus, tzatziki, and olives accompanied with pita bread is a global fusion you must try to give your taste buds a flavoursome ride.
  • Sunset Shrimp Skewers
    Tender shrimp marinated in fresh herbs and zesty citrus that are grilled to perfection is nothing less to start with.

Gourmet Main Course

  • Grilled Lemon Herb Chicken
    Tender chicken breasts marinated in herbs and zesty lemon sauce surely tickle your taste buds, making you happy.
  • Pasta Primavera
    A medley of seasonal vegetables that are tossed lightly in a creamy Alfredo sauce with pasta enriches your plate with international flavour after your win.
  • Butter Chicken
    One of the popular North Indian dishes where fresh juicy chicken is simmered in a tomato and butter gravy to enrich it with flavours for every bite. It is served with assorted naan or jeera rice to enjoy to the fullest.
  • Paneer Makhani
    A vegetarian delight for the one who prefers veg options. A creamy and rich dish where paneer cubes are cooked in tomato and cashew nut sauce ensures to burst the flavours with every bite.
  • Biryani
    A fragrant basmati rice cooked perfectly with aromatic spices layered with meat or vegetables to create a symphony of flavours makes you ask for it more.

Sip and Savor the Sunset

  • Virgin Mojito
    It's a refreshing classic for one who prefers a non-alcoholic option. It is a zesty blend of fresh lime juice, and mint leaves with ice and sparkling soda. Every sip bursts a flavour that awakens your senses and makes a perfect sundowner companion for you.
  • Sundowner Bliss
    The exquisite cocktail combines premium gin, elderflower liqueur, and a hint of lavender syrup, creating a delicate floral aroma that perfectly complements the golden hour ambiance. Sundowner Bliss is garnished with a twist of lemon peel that embodies the tranquillity of twilight.
  • Tropical Sunset Punch
    The cocktail combines dark rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream, and a splash of grenadine for that captivating ombre effect. Tropical Sunset Punch is served in a chilled glass with a pineapple wedge and maraschino cherry garnish.
  • Bourbon Sunset
    It is a must-try drink for those who prefer a robust and smoky flavour. This cocktail marries the rich bourbon notes with sweet peach liqueur and a touch of bitters. Garnished with an orange twist, it's a sophisticated choice to accompany the setting sun.

Special Diwali Sweet Treats

  • Assorted Mithai Platter
    A delightful selection of Indian sweets specially curated by Soul Chef experts serves you a lovely, sweet treat. It includes barfi's, ladoo's, jalebis, and other sweets of choice.
  • Gulab Jamun Cheesecake
    A dessert that is a blissful fusion of the richness of cheesecake and the sweetness of gulab jamun accompanies you after your delicious gastronomic journey.

Partner With Soul Chef for Premium Locations for Diwali Card Party at Sundowner

Soul Chef experts are immensely experienced in curating a gourmet menu for Sundowner's party. Along with Sundowner party catering, we provide services for house party catering, corporate catering, weddings, social events, and many more. Being one of the popular caterers in Mumbai, we offer traditional, continental, and a variety of dishes that suit your purpose. Along with catering services, we provide event management services by helping you find venues and enhance the ambiance. We provide venues at premium locations like Lower Parel and Khar for hosting a Diwali Sundowner party. Our team ensures to bring your ideas to reality by giving attention to the decor intricacies. Not only about organizing a Sundowner Diwali card party, if you are looking for 'birthday party catering near me,' we can set everything perfectly for you. So, are you considering organizing an unforgettable Diwali Card Party at Sundowner locations? Reach out to soul chef to arrange a hassle-free party for the upcoming Diwali festival.