Soulchef’s Signature Dishes: Catering for the Cricket World Cup

When it comes to culinary artistry, Soul Chef is one of the names that strikes the right chords of foodies and connoisseurs. Widely known as one of the leading event caterers for creating an array of gourmet cuisine, Soul Chef's experts not only offer a treat to your tastebuds but also provide a visual feast. Recently, we had the incredible opportunity to cater for the prestigious ICC World Cup hosted at the Star Sports Studio. Our dedicated team of culinary experts kept no stone unturned to showcase the culinary skills and impress the attendees. Here is a glimpse for you.

Soul Chef Creating Magic with Its Culinary Expertise at Star Sports Studio

  • Cuisine from worldwide in a single plate

    Soul Chef, being one of the leading catering services providers, creates a diverse and mouthwatering menu that brings dishes from different places together. We curated a menu in a way that offers a global culinary ride to every guest at Star Sports Studio.

  • Creative Fusion of Menu

    Our chefs create an innovative fusion of flavours and ingredients in various dishes that reflect our creative approach to culinary art. We ensure to blend elements from cuisines to create unique and unforgettable flavours.

  • Personalized Dining Experience

    As one of the renowned corporate caterers, we pay attention to detail and dedicatedly create a personalized dining experience. Our commitment to making every dish delicious as well as more visually appealing left the guests creating a lasting impression on all the guests.

Explore Soul Chef's Signature Dishes for ICC World Cup Catering

Soul Chefs being one of the renowned event caterers, the menu for the ICC World Cup was nothing short of spectacular. Right from mouthwatering soups, refreshing salads, and delicious main courses to tempting desserts, everything was set right to create a culinary journey for the attendees at Star Sports Studio. Here are some of the signature dishes that made their gastronomic journey unforgettable.

Rich Soups

  • Miso Soup

    A blend of aromatic broth filled with plump wontons is a culinary delight that sets the tone for the entire meal. Broth being a harmonious mix of herbs and spices, the dumplings ensure to burst in your mouth with savoury flavours.

  • Wonton Soup

    Being a Japanese classic dish, it is a comforting bowl filled with umami goodness. In this, the rich miso paste infuses the broth with earthy flavours; similarly, the delicate seaweed and tofu add a sublime texture.

  • Veg Khowsuey

    One of the Soul Chef's creations is a celebration of different colours and flavours. A coconut milk-based broth served with condiments such as fried noodles, fresh herbs, and peanuts became an instant favourite among the guests.

  • Creamy Potato Chowder

    For those who love the comforting embrace of a creamy soup, Creamy Potato Chowder is the right choice. The rich flavours of potatoes and the hint of chives offer a velvety texture, that is soft and creamy to taste.

Refreshing Salads

  • Vietnamese Slaw Salad

    The salad is a refreshing treat of flavours and textures. An excellent combination of fresh vegetables, fragrant herbs, and the sweet-tangy Vietnamese dressing makes it stand out.

  • Fattoush

    It is a medley of crispy pita chips, fresh vegetables and zesty lemon-tahini dressing created by Soul Chef's experts. With every bite, it offers a perfect balance of crunch and zest while embodying the spirit of Middle Eastern cuisine.

  • American Corn and Mustard Mayo Salad

    A finger-licking fusion of American and Indian flavours thoughtfully curated by our culinary experts offers a great start. Sweet corn and crunchy veggies mixed in creamy mustard mayo dressing truly become the guest's favourite.

  • Italian Chopped Salad

    This salad ultimately reflects the Mediterranean flavours. It is one of the Italian cuisines that consists of fresh tomatoes, olives, and feta cheese with a tangy vinaigrette dressing. It is a perfect salad to begin your culinary journey.

Gourmet Main Course

  • Paneer Lababdar

    A traditional North Indian dish that features soft paneer cubes in a rich tomato and cream sauce. It is one of the great vegetarian delights that goes well with flat breads like roti or paratha.

  • Garlic Cabbage Kofta Curry

    It is a unique dish that fosters the creativity of Soul Chef experts. The garlic cabbage koftas are dipped in the flavourful curry that creates a fusion of flavours leaving you mesmerized. It can be accompanied by steamed rice, roti or butter paratha to enjoy at its fullest.

  • Burnt Chilli Rice

    The smoky and spicy flavours infused in rice are nothing less to please a crowd. The irresistible aroma and fiery flavours of burnt chilli rice make you crave more.

  • Kung Pao Cottage Cheese Gravy

    A sizzling Chinese dish that comprises tender cottage cheese in a spicy, savoury sauce with peanuts and vegetables truly awakens your taste buds.

  • Penne Pasta in Arrabbiata Sauce

    An authentic Italian cuisine cooked by Soul Chef experts where pasta is put together with a zesty, spicy tomato-based arrabbiata sauce. It is an instant favourite dish of guests not only at Star Sports Studios but everywhere we serve.

  • Rosemary and Pepper Rubbed Grilled Chicken in Orange Port and Pepper Sauce

    This dish truly reflects the culinary range of Soul Chef. It is prepared by combining rosemary, pepper, and a tangy orange sauce in perfect harmony with succulent grilled chicken. Every bite you savour tantalizes your taste buds.

  • Sri Lankan Curry with Chicken

    A dish with a mind-blowing combination of spices and coconut milk transports the guests to the tropical flavours of Sri Lanka. The attendees at Studio stood mesmerized after tasting the flavours delicately curated by our chefs.

  • Scotch Eggs

    Soul Chef culinary experts presented a British classic creating diversity. The Scotch Eggs are a delightful mix of crispy sausage meat, breadcrumbs, and perfectly boiled eggs that offer new flavours to your tastebuds.

  • Fried Rawas in Lemon Mustard Cream Sauce with Fresh Herbs

    Seafood speciality, specially served for seafood enthusiasts. The dish is a superb combination of delicate flavours of Rawas fish accompanied by zesty lemon-mustard cream sauce and fresh herbs. It is soft to eat, bursting a volcano of flavours in your mouth.

Tempting Desserts

  • Shahi Tukda

    A rich Indian dessert includes fried bread soaked in saffron and cardamon-infused milk. It is garnished with pistachios and almonds to add a crunch to the bite.

  • Chocolate Gulab Jamun

    Finely created by Soul Chef experts, the dessert is a fusion of Indian and Western flavours. This dessert is like a dream come true for chocolate lovers.

  • Custard

    Simplicity at its best, this dessert offers comfort and fulfilment. A sweet and creamy combination serving as a conclusion to a sumptuous meal.

Soul Chef – A Trusted Partner to Elevate Your Event

Our catering services for the ICC World Cup at Star Sports Studio transformed the event into an unforgettable experience. As an event caterer, we expand our horizons by providing services for house party catering, corporate events, sundowners and many more. Soul Chef is also one of the renowned wedding caterers elevating your experiences on your special day. With our expert chefs, their immense culinary experience and Soul Chef's Signature dishes, we help you to make your events grander. Being a trusted partner, our team commits to excellence, creativity and personalized services to turn your event into a memorable feast. Whether you are looking for an event caterer or birthday party catering near me, you can choose Soul Chef reliably. You can rest worry-free and enjoy your event and let Soul Chef handle all the catering parts. Unlock the magic of culinary art and signature dishes by partnering with Soul Chef! Get in touch with our experts today.