5 Out-Of-The-Box Ideas That Will Leave Your Guests Pleasantly Flabbergasted This Holi

Holi is all about letting your hair down and playing with colours. No one wants to be alone during festivals and there is a golden rule- The more the merrier. The spirit of any festival is best celebrated when we have our friends, family and then the entire clan together. If you are a person who enjoys the company of your closest people, why not throw an amazing party and gather them all under one roof this Holi?

Here are a few handy tips from Soul Chef- the best catering service in Mumbai to get you started on your astonishing house party for Holi.

  1. Send Out Fun Invites! Since Holi is not a formal occasion, you can step out of the usual way of sending party invites and let your creative side out. You can of course make a few phone calls and invite the guests over. However, wouldn’t it be much fun if you crafted quirky invites by yourself? Attach a packet of gulaal and send the invite to your friends along with some homemade gujiyas.. If you wish to be fancy and go all out with your invites for your society parties, you can take this a step further and buy some nice handmade paper for your invitations.
  2. Serve Authentic Indian Food The real spirit of Holi lies in music, colours and good food. There are a number of Indian dishes and sweets that are the primary attraction of Holi. The type of food you serve at your Holi house party along with the music will set the mood for the party. Soul Chef is one of the leading house party catering companies in Mumbai. The team of experts at Soul Chef suggests that it is always a good idea to include authentic Indian dishes as a part of this Indian festival. Let’s face it, after a fun day of dancing to Bollywood songs, nobody would want to navigate through a plate of pizza. Quintessential Indian dishes like biryani, chole bhature, pav bhaji and chaat fit in perfectly with the vibe of Holi. It is also a good idea to serve finger food like chaat or starters that you can ask the waiters to serve with toothpicks so you can easily indulge in good food while playing with colours.
  3. Be Prepared For More Guests As we mentioned earlier, there is a golden rule about Holi- The more the merrier. The more people you have under one roof, the more fun and memorable your party is going to be. However, with more headcount comes bigger responsibilities. If you have house party caterers like Soul Chef by your side, you wouldn’t have to worry about the food and beverages of the people at your party. It does not matter whether you have 25 guests or 1000, our services remain flawless, making us the most trusted house party catering in Mumbai.
  4. Have A Live Food Counter Who doesn’t enjoy having a live food counter at a party? Especially if the party revolves around colours, dance and music. Soul Chef is among the very few small party caterers in Mumbai that offers a live counter for house parties. Chaat counter is undoubtedly the most crowded area at any party and there is a reason for it. The joy of enjoying delicious flavour bombs of Pani Puri or Dahi Bhalle is unparalleled. The dishes that Soul Chef offers in its Holi special snack live counters include Pani Puri counter, Dosa and Uttapam Counter, Pasta Counter, and a Khowsuey Counter. Pro tip:Also add sugar-free sweets and health conscious snacks like baked samosas to your live counters so you can cater to people of all dietary requirements.
  5. Arrange An Assortment Of Drinks Holi is almost incomplete without refreshing drinks. Unless you have a couple of glassfuls of Thandai or as they call it Bhaang, you have not really lived the true spirit of Holi. For people who like to stay away from dairy, other refreshments like soft drinks, mocktails, and lemonades not only help the guests to stay hydrated under the scorching sun but also add a fun element to the party.

Your favorite catering service for society parties, Soul Chef is now hosting thrilling house parties this Holi. With three different packages (food delivery, food delivery with server, and full-service catering), Soul Chef is all equipped to add an electrifying touch to your party.