How Soul Chef Can Help You Host A Memorable Birthday And House Party ?

There is nothing like organising a house party to bring all your loved ones, friends and family under one roof and enjoying their company. It is a perfect way to add a personal touch and warmth to your party. Since you and your guests will be in the comfort of your home, you can enjoy each other’s company without the restrictions of being in a public place. However, planning and organising house parties can be a lot of work too! Therefore, having a professional on board to organise and plan the event to every minute detail can prove to be a major help.

A professional like SoulChef can assist you in deciding everything on the menu, preparing everything before the guests arrive, making sure the food is still hot and presentable when served to the guestwhilst you enjoy your event at the fullest.

Get Yourself Ready For A Day Full Of Fun

The expert organisers at Soul Chef have put together a list of things that a house party catering service can help you with. Whether you are organising a house party or a birthday party, there are going to be a lot of people at your home with a variety of dietary requirements and by following these tips, you can prepare for your party to every minute detail.

  1. Plan The Menu According To Your Guest Profile An average birthday party will have at least 50-60 people on the guest list. There is a very high probability that all of these people will have different dietary requirements.
    Planning the menu is the first step for any event. For this, you need to consider certain factors like the number of guests and what are their preferences ie, Pure Veg, Non-veg or Mix, Vegan, etc. Next is, are there any guests with restrictions or are allergic to any food ingredients. Another aspect to consider is how you’re planning to serve, is it going to be a Buffet Setup or a seated meal or you’re looking only for the food delivery options.
  2. Access Your Occupancy And Your Kitchen Size Your wedding planner and caterer can discuss the dining hall setup, and your caterer will work with you to make the arrangements. The team and crew members at Soul Chef will come to the location/ your home to check out the location, your kitchen size and the resources you have at home to make sure nothing can go wrong during the party. Ranging from fancy to exquisite and the theme of your party, Soul Chef is here to help you organise the party of your dreams. Innovation, creativity and customer-centricity are the base of everything we do here making us one of the most preferred house party caterers in Mumbai.
  3. Decide The Tableware That You Will Be Using The tableware used to serve the food can make an impact in the whole experience more than one might comprehend. The serving dishes and China plates should be appropriate to the dish. For example, finger food like kebabs and rolls need to be served on plates that enable the guests to enjoy them while moving and talking to the other guests. If you are hiring Soul Chef as your birthday catering, you don’t have to worry about the utensils, crockery and cutlery used. Our teams will take care of all this so you can enjoy being the host and engage with everyone at the party.
  4. Decide The Setup And Arrangements At Least A Week Prior We all know that be it a birthday party or any other social gathering, food can either make or break the party. This makes it extremely important for anyone to pick their event catering services carefully and well in advance. Making arrangements at least a week in advance will not only make you feel prepared for the upcoming party but also leave some room for the last-minute changes.

Have A Blast At Your Party With Soul Chef- The Most Loved House Party Catering In Mumbai.

When you look up the best birthday party catering near me, you will be greeted with an endless list of options. However, you do not want to miss out on the excellent services provided by the best birthday party catering in town. Add value to your party and sweep your guest off their feet with the impeccable arrangement, unparalleled service and scrumptious food. The level of sophistication, comfort and excitement of trying new dishes that Soul Chef brings to a party comes second to none. Get in touch with us and let one of our team members help you organise the best party you have ever thrown.