Throwing a Christmas/New Year Bash? 7 Grand Tips to Host A Safe & Fun Year-End Party to Ring in 2022

It’s that time of the year again where we meet our family and friends to celebrate the spirit of festivities and welcome the new year. While a lot of people prefer turning towards nightclubs and concerts to spend their holidays, a lot prefer celebrating Christmas and New Year’s events in the privacy of their own home.

House parties on Christmas and New Year’s are perfect if you are looking for a way to enjoy the time with your loved ones in a cozy, intimate place. Here are the 7 experts validated tips to help you host a memorable Christmas and New Year party.

  1. Take Help in Organising the Party:
    Hosting a house party can be a very overwhelming process. You need to take care of everything from curating the guest list to inviting the guests, themes to decorations and food to music. Taking help from some of the industry experts can prove to be extremely advantageous. Take off some of the pressure of hosting the perfect party. Soul Chef is one of the leading home catering services that has organised countless events. A helping hand like that can take a considerable amount of responsibility off your shoulders.

  2. Keep Food Safety Your Top Priority:
    Health and safety must be your top priority when organising a New year’s party in your home owing to the pandemic. The event catering for parties you hire must be extra cautious as they will be the ones handling the food department. As one of the most preferred event caterers in Mumbai, Soul Chef leaves no stone unturned to ensure your safety. The staff (chefs and waiters) in our team are fully vaccinated, wear protective face masks the entire time and follow all the precautions as recommended by the government to maintain hygiene. The staff and chefs undergo a temperature screening before going anywhere near the food. The supplies and equipment used in the Soul chef kitchen are sanitised and disinfected after every use.

  3. Serve Comfort Food + Drinks:
    Catering for parties is a big part of any event. After all, your guests will look forward to winding down during the festivities as they enjoy the delicacies served to them by the caterers. There is nothing better than having comfort food and drinks nearby at an event. With years of experience in organising house parties, Soul Chef makes sure to understand your guest profile and their choices to have at least a few comfort dishes and drinks on the menu. A classic blend of cocktails, appetisers, hot cocoa and cheese platters are a few of the options that are sure to be loved by everyone on the guest list.

  4. Place the Food & Tables Where You Want the People to Be:
    The layout and setup of your party will also play a role in the safety of your guests. To help you organise a safe party, the team at Soul Chef will assist you in setting up a layout to avoid crowded lounge areas, lengthy buffet lines, or gathering around the stage. Having fully vaccinated staff serve the food in a spaced-out setup is the best way to comply with the safety precautions.

  5. It's Your Party, Have Fun:
    Having an experienced company like Soul Chef take care of the home catering services will ensure that you can share the major responsibilities with them and enjoy your year-end party. As soon as the guests start arriving, leave everything from serving the food and last-minute preparations to taking care of the safety measures on team Soul Chef and enjoy your party to the fullest.

  6. Do Something Out of the Ordinary:
    Everyone will be throwing a Christmas Party and it will be just another thing to squeeze in. However, you can make your party stand out by adding something special to your party. A theme party where you serve cuisines from all across the world can make your party memorable. Be it Indian, Asian or Continental, the chef experts at Soul Chef have expertise in preparing authentic as well as fusion dishes from all over the world.

  7. A Few Small Details Make a Huge Difference:
    Small details like setting up the right lighting and curating a festive-special menu can make more difference to a party than one might think. Very often, people tend to focus so much on appetisers and side dishes that they fail to give enough thought to the food. Having Soul Chef by your side will ensure that you have just the right dishes and setup while maintaining compliance with the appropriate safety measures

At Soul Chef, your safety is our priority. To ensure that your Christmas and New Year’s parties are both memorable and safe, we have revamped our operating procedures from scratch. Get in touch with our experts today to organise a Christmas / New Year party worth remembering this year!