5 Best Reasons To Hire Soul Chef: One Of The Best Corporate Caterers In Mumbai

Why do you need to hire a Professional Catering Service for your Corporate Events?

Catering is a large and crucial component of any corporate event. The food you serve can either make the event more sophisticated or leave your guests feeling lethargic. Having professional corporate event caterer on board can take the stress off your shoulders - as they take care of every detail right from finalising the apt menu to curating meals that suit your style, taste and budget. Read on to learn the 5 key reasons why you need experienced corporate caterers like Soul Chef can help you on the big day.

It is an undeniable fact that the food we eat is capable of changing our mood, productivity and energy levels. You no longer have to settle for cold and flavourless food made in the morning for lunch as Soul Chef brings to you an offer that you can’t turn down. We are the top corporate catering service in Mumbai and are here to offer you some of the finest curated menu options for lunch boxes. You can customize your meal plans effortlessly and enjoy the luxury of getting freshly prepared meals delivered to your office as often as you want.

  1. Ability To Deal With Dietary Concerns Many people nowadays have a varied dietary preferences viz. gluten-free, vegan, Jain and everything in between. When you are having an elegant corporate event, you are more likely to have guests with such specific and differing dietary requirements. You would want them to feel included in the party and having accommodations for their dietary nuances is the way to do so. That being said, it is no less than a challenge to arrange food with special instructions for a group of people.
    When you work with a professional and experienced corporate catering service, they will be well prepared for such situations. They have the entire party planned out down to the last detail. Having years of experience with us, Soul Chef is fully prepared with alternative meals on standby so everyone feels included in the party.
  2. They Will Free You Up We know the amount of planning and efforts that go behind arranging a corporate event. From planning the structure of the event to food, ambience and everything else can either make your event successful or rather dissatisfactory. Having a team of experienced organisers by your side can lift the weight off your shoulders. With the help of corporate event caterers like Soul Chef, even the host can relax and feel like a guest at their event. Our team will help you plan the entire event from deciding the right time to serve refreshments to selecting the event-appropriate menus for the meals. You can pass on the buck of planning the food and beverages for your event on the experienced shoulders of our chefs.
  3. Calorie Counted Meals Professional corporate catering services offer bespoke meals that are perfect for your health-conscious guests. Soul Chef offers calorie-counted meals made from the choicest of the raw materials and healthiest recipes so you can feel your most productive self while indulging in nutritious and delicious cuisines. You can also opt for individual meal trays where you can handpick the dishes and portion sizes for your guests.
  4. Live Food Counter There is nothing like having a live counter at your corporate event. Where your guests are in charge of the portions and the food served on their plates. The aroma of the freshly prepared food coming straight from the kitchen is so alluring that your guests can’t help but be driven towards it. Whether you have 10 attendees or 400, our bespoke corporate catering service is all you need to charm them. You can also opt for a buffet system if your guest profile is conscious about what and how much they want to consume in between the meetings. Live food counters and buffet systems are also great places to get the conversation started with someone. They are perfect for events when you want your guests to network and gel up with each other.
    However, team Soul Chef does not limit themselves to these serving styles. You can easily opt for a mess-free and gourmet option of corporate lunch boxes by Soul Chef. These customised lunch boxes include everything you could ask for in a meal and serve gourmet dishes that mark the grace and elegance of a corporate party.
  5. Handpick The Dishes In Your Menu Soul Chef is proud to say that we have gained expertise in organising the several corporate events. Food is the soul of every occasion and having the right kind of dish breathes life into any event.
    When you organise a corporate event with your board of directors, clients, investors, or staff, you want them to feel cared about, refreshed, and satiated but not lethargic. This is why it is important to select the refreshments and dishes carefully to set the tempo, aesthetic, and mood of your event. Our expert chefs are masters in curating the perfect menu according to your guest profile that aligns perfectly with the purpose of the event.

How Can Soul Chef Help You Organise The Best Party Of All Time?

Soul Chef is one of the leading and most loved gourmet corporate catering services in Mumbai. We are a team of passionate helpers, skilled chefs, and expert organisers who are keen on adding an unmatched level of charm to your corporate event. You can experience the piping hot and delicious food along with our unparalleled hospitality by getting in touch with us and making your next corporate event a sure-shot success.